The Sez (the_sezza) wrote in gourd_lake_high,
The Sez


I apologise, cause this is kind of shoddily done cut me some slack it's like 2 in the morning

...and I guess I inadvertantly (seriously, I didn't plan it, it just happened) invented just how shoe got (his? her?) name
I quite like the phrasing 'fuck off and give me my shoe back' because it sounds like he's meant to do them in that exact order

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Geez, taking over this project are we? Nice to see someone contributing though. I guess I should get off my lazy ass and contribute to this considering it was my idea. XD
I can't help it >>'; I've gotten attached already~
Wouldn't Ben be Mr. W? As in Woodman? :/
Mr. W is like two syllables longer though, it doesn't flow as nicely.
True dat.
I just noticed Jack's head-tie. Fucking yes XDD
XD I loved doing that. I was like 'what would he use for his head thing?... haha, he'd probably just tie the tie around his head. so doing that.'

so I did 8D
And we thought he was the least fucked up dramafag in the bunch XD
hah. well, compared to some OTHERS, he's probably going pretty good. he's just a 'tarded tie-head.
He's just proven himself less strange than Will.
haha, will. he's so adorable with his wearing a jacket, but also wearing shorts. it's so awkward and cute.
Hee hee, Phoenix is adorable and I need to contribute! Arg.
psst, that's will >>
Wow I feel like an idiot. Hammer should have been a freaking dead give away >_<;; I'm sorry, guess I've been looking at too many pictures of Phoenix or something >>...