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KinkMeme Re-Post

Because an Anon demanded that I repost what I'd written in the GLHS comm, and WHO AM I TO GO AGAINST THE WISHES OF ANON, here is a repost of a Ema/Maya Kinkmeme fic I just wrote using the GLHS AU!


Prompt: How about Ema/Maya? Something science-themed.. maybe Ema helping Maya with chemistry homework, or a lab? Something cute and fluffy, with a cheesy "I PREFER THIS KIND OF CHEMISTRY -kiss- :DDD" kind of ending. :D

Maya stared at her beaker as it began to overflow with a fizzing, purple liquid. That probably wasn’t what was supposed to happen, was it?

Maya turned to her lab partner, her eyes pleading. “Ema, help!”

Ema looked up from her own concoction – bubbling away at the perfect temperature, as always, less likely to unexpectedly erupt than Mr. Goodman was to take off his perpetually chemical-stained lab-trench-coat-thing. She sighed and slid her chair next to Maya, inspecting her beaker carefully.

“Alright, but this is the last time.” Ema said, pouring Maya’s beaker into the sink and washing it thoroughly. “I don’t know how you keep managing to mess this up.”

“Hey, this science stuff is hard!” Maya pouted. “We can’t all be geniuses like you, ya know!”

Ema merely smirked and grabbed some of Maya’s chemicals, expertly pouring them in at the exact right levels. Flicking on the Bunsen burner, Ema slid her chair back to her own work and continued noting down the reactions of her own beaker. The chemicals inside Maya’s beaker fizzled briefly before settling, turning the exact same shade of Ema’s.

Maya goggled at her lab partner. “Wow, Ema. You really are a genius.”

Ema giggled and poked Maya in the side. “Oh, shush. It’s easy stuff.”

Maya retaliated with a poke of her own, causing the brown-haired girl to squeal and jump in surprise. The action was returned, and soon the girls were devolved into a full-blown tickle fight, muffling their laughter as much as they could.

Someone cleared their throat nearby. The pair looked up to see Mr. Goodman, their science teacher, staring down at them disapprovingly.

“Ms. Skye, Ms. Fey.” Mr. Goodman said. “If you could please keep your games outside of class, I think perhaps we could all get on with our work?”

“Sorry, Mr. Goodman.” Ema and Maya said in unison, and the teacher turned on his heel, striding back to his desk. The girls looked around them to notice most of the classes attention was on them; Nick seemed to blushing furiously a couple of rows up, Maya noted with no small degree of satisfaction.

Ema and Maya exchanged sidelong glances as the class resumed their work, immediately breaking down into fits of poorly-concealed giggles. Ema slid her chair back over to Maya’s side and inspected her beaker, trying hard not to laugh.

“I think it’s alright now.” Ema smiled. “You sure you’ll be okay from here on?”

“Sure!” Maya nodded. “I don’t really get all this science-y stuff, but I don’t think I can get this to explode too easily.”

“Oh, I dunno...” Ema teased.

Maya gave a wry smile and shoved Ema playfully. “Shh.”

Both girls looked up as the bell rang to signify the end of class. Students all around them began to pack up their books with the speed and efficiency that only a student about to go to lunch possesses. Maya smiled as Phoenix weaved his way through the students rushing for the door, stopping at her desk and smiling sheepishly.

“Hey, Maya.” Phoenix said. “Are you gonna be having lunch with us today?”

“Of course!” Maya smiled. “Make sure Larry doesn’t eat all the burgers before I get there, okay Nick?”

Phoenix nodded and hurried for the door, waving back at Maya as he left. Maya looked to her side as she packed up her books, noticing Ema was still scribbling into her Science notebook.

“Aren’t you coming to lunch, Ema?” Maya asked. “We have a free seat at our table, you know!”

“In a minute.” Ema said. “I’ve got to finish this up first.”

Maya shrugged and hopped down off her stool, slinging her bag over one shoulder. “Well, don’t take too long!” Maya grinned. “There’ll only be those gross Bellboy Blintzes left if you don’t hurry.”

Ema nodded, still scribbling into her notebook; a notebook, Maya noticed, was a lot bigger and more written-in than any of the others. If you could say one thing about Ema, you could say she liked her science.

Ema glanced up for a moment, a mischievous grin on her face.

“You know Phoenix has totally got a crush on you, right?” Ema grinned.

Maya smiled at Ema, masking her surprise. “Yeah, I figured. You know Klavier has a crush on you, right?”

“Pfft, no he doesn’t.” Ema snorted. “He might now, but he’ll notice someone prettier soon enough. Hardly qualifies as a crush, scientifically speaking.”

Ema looked down at her notebook suddenly, a sad expression ghosting over her face. “It’s kinda sad, really…you have Phoenix and all your friends, the anime club…I guess all I really have is chemistry.”

Maya stood still for a moment, surprised at the change of mood. A thought occurring to her, she moved in, pecking Ema on the lips. The brown-haired girl looked up in surprise, touching her lips with the tips of her fingers.

“It’s all right.” Maya grinned. “I prefer this kind of chemistry, anyway.”
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