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read it from the bottom up to the top, just like normal pchat, cause I can't be bothered fixing it

(0) Sezza > I counted but I might have been wrong
(0) Sezza > which would be 20 of them, because there are 40 students I think.
(0) Sezza > even if it is just drabbles of how each partnership would handle it
(0) Sezza > okay now I actually want someone to do this or like, I'll pull names out of a hat or something
(0) Sezza > damn these babies are gonna get a hell of a bad time
(45) Odeko > lolll
(0) Sezza > and dahlia using the baby doll to practice drowning actual babies
(0) Sezza > also now that I think about it I could see wellington paying off his partner for them to do all the work.
(45) Odeko > Yes. xD
(0) Sezza > oh apollo, the proud mother.
(0) Sezza > all the details. everything.
(0) Sezza > we got the full talk about everything.
(45) Odeko > we got the "abstinence is best" talk
(45) Odeko > see, we never got that at our school.
(45) Odeko > lollll
(0) Sezza > and some of the students had to practice putting condoms on it
(0) Sezza > one time in sex ed. class the teacher had a replica of a dick (it wasn't a dildo though, it was like made of pla
stic) and (completely serious here) it was contained in a fake banana
(0) Sezza > only that's bad because taking babies apart is kind of illegal if actually done
(0) Sezza > ema would take the baby apart to see how it works. for science!
(45) Odeko > yes. Exactly. XD
(0) Sezza > and juan would be like AJKDASLVF NO I DIDN'T *attack* and matt would be like SEE TEACHER DUDE HE'
(0) Sezza > ... and tell von karma juan did it, and because he is a suck-up teachers pet bitch he would be believed
(0) Sezza > matt would smack it against something to stop it crying
(0) Sezza > that baby would be so dead so quickly
(45) Odeko > lmaoooo\
(0) Sezza > just for the hell of it
(0) Sezza > MATT AND JUAN
(0) Sezza > that'd be pretty awesome.
(45) Odeko > Or like... Max and someone. Heaven forbid. xD
(45) Odeko > and I think we could come up with some damned funny pairs. Klavier and Apollo, for example, being forc
ed to work together.
(0) Sezza > haha
(45) Odeko > People should have to do that in von Karma's class.
(0) Sezza > yeah?
(45) Odeko > but you know how some health classes made you do that "pair up and care for this baby doll" thing?
(45) Odeko > it would be better conveyed in fic form
(45) Odeko > oh god lol that gives me an idea
(45) Odeko > Lmao
(0) Sezza > ... an awkward moment in von karma sex ed class? :j
(0) Sezza > I don't know.
(45) Odeko > like what, though? ;;;
(0) Sezza > somethin GLSH related?
(45) Odeko > except I have no idea what to draw. *cry*
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Ah man, why do I always have to be on the dead hours & miss the good stuff?

"Klavier, Wellington, & the Banana Dick," is pretty much my only thought on this right now. Who knows, I might post some crazy baby project pairing other than Matt & Juan later.