The Sez (the_sezza) wrote in gourd_lake_high,
The Sez

moar chatlog

again, read from bottom to top like normal pchat, recent stuff at the top and older stuff at the bottom

(0) Sezza > guesch schtop laughing thisch isch really far in I might need to get schergery to remove it ;_;
(12) holymoocow > XD
(0) Sezza > he looks like he's awdkwardly trying to remove a wedgie.
(0) Sezza > haha, apollo.

(20) Sezza > bawls and bahls.
(28) holymoocow > XDDD
(20) Sezza > BAHLsen hit cookie.
(20) Sezza > nope, but I do now.
(28) holymoocow > You know what I'm talking about right?
(20) Sezza > heh heh
(28) holymoocow > Those are soooo gooooood *writhes*
(28) holymoocow > And occasionally those Hit cookies
(20) Sezza > and in the mean-time pacify her with cheeto dust
(20) Sezza > they gotta tie her down to the couch to give time for apollo to peddle his bike REALLY FAST to the shop to g
et some more.
(20) Sezza > bawls withdrawal monster
(28) holymoocow > XDD
(28) holymoocow > Maya: BUT I NEEDS THE PRECIOUSSSS
(20) Sezza > >=|
(20) Sezza > I don't know maya you'fe kind of had too musch maybe you schould schettle down a bit
(20) Sezza > hay polly, gimmie a hit o that
(28) holymoocow > JiggaWUT
(20) Sezza > needs her fix, man.
(20) Sezza > MAYA. NEEDS. BAWLS.
(28) holymoocow > You don't go shaking her Bawls supplier
(20) Sezza > maya's the MAN

(7) Sezza > gant just going oh hoh hoh, little willy, I accidently ran over your dog, sorry about that
(7) Sezza > oh man, will. he would fill that thing up singlehandedly.
(0) holmoocow > And he'd grap Phoenix, April, Larry, Dahlia, Will and Cody
(7) Sezza > man, now I got the mental image of him busting into a classroom in the middle of class and asking who is
good at crying
(7) Sezza > haha, he stole some
(0) holmoocow > Yup :B Not all of it his though
(7) Sezza > he filled the pool with his tears and blood
(7) Sezza > hahaha
(0) holmoocow > Though when they start holding meetings again with more people, he is happy again. Mainly becaus
(7) Sezza > saddy gantington
(7) Sezza > haha
(0) holmoocow > Too sad to have their meetings
(0) holmoocow > Gant was depressed for a week. Because his little group of D&D buddies/reapees were sad
(7) Sezza > big ol cry party
(0) holmoocow > Sal and Cody were besides themselves.
(7) Sezza > but only a little bit
(7) Sezza > and he blubbered like a baby
(7) Sezza > I bet they had some kind of D&D mourning party for when the creator died
(7) Sezza > well he sure is now
(0) holmoocow > He hasn't gotten his nerd on in a long time
(7) Sezza > apollo you nerd-hole

(155) Sezza > damnit larrah I am so disappointed by this amphetamines
(71) holymoocow > Though the speed he tries to sell you is really sugar water
(155) Sezza > he's like, all speedy an shit
(155) Sezza > hell yeah
(71) holymoocow > but he can drive his van hella fast
(155) Sezza > larrah's not very good at the durgs
(71) holymoocow > *drugs
(71) holymoocow > Which is actually the spice-mobile because he keeps mistakening his mom's spice rack for druge
(155) Sezza > larrah's drugmobile
(71) holymoocow > on the hood
(71) holymoocow > With a doobie
(155) Sezza > that is pretty much the worst car

(64) Sezza > superintendant? I dunno
(75) holymoocow > or however you spell that word now
(75) holymoocow > Except it's diguised as an official email from the superintendint
(75) holymoocow > The picture is sent to al the staff as a spam thing
(75) holymoocow > Indeed
(64) Sezza > it's... it's like some kind of personalised goatse
(75) holymoocow > XDDDD
(64) Sezza > OH GOD WHAT
(64) Sezza > dude! that's oldbag! D:
(64) Sezza > ... a picture of a naked chick? eh, she's kind of hot.
(64) Sezza > for some reason I read that present as in, they presented it to the class
(75) holymoocow > And they later find Oldbag noodie pics from back in the day and then in the present day as a BEFOR
(64) Sezza > haha
(75) holymoocow > Doug+Terry: TITS OR GTFO
(75) holymoocow > Glen: The math teacher
(75) holymoocow > Terry: Um...which one?
(75) holymoocow > Glen: dood I found nude pics of Ms. Fey :D
(75) holymoocow > XD
(64) Sezza > go wax poet with terry and get glen to download you some internet porn
(64) Sezza > go mope to your non-crazy buddies
(75) holymoocow > Which saddnes her as he's one of the few people who's all LOL SCIENCE
(75) holymoocow > He also makes a note to never date Ema ever
(75) holymoocow > XDDDDD
(64) Sezza > as for the clone-replacement, HOLY BLISTERING COCKS OF PARANOIA, DOUG.
(75) holymoocow > XD
(64) Sezza > I admit, I had to read that a couple of times to get it
(64) Sezza > haha
(75) holymoocow > wow I raped that sentence hardcore
(75) holymoocow > And Doug then vows to either terminate Godot because he wants to avoid all of those clishes where everyone is killed and replaced by their clones, and to waiver his credit for home ec

(15) Sezza > just sat there and SHOUTED ALONG WITH THE SHOW
(20) holymoocow > Indeed
(15) Sezza > Furio would so have watched DBZ when he was younger, and that's how he learned to yell so well
(15) Sezza > hahaha
(20) holymoocow > Glen: Dammit Tigre it's not a scouter

(46) Sezza > well, you know. there are probably people who would be into that.
(51) holymoocow > XD
(45) Atari > How romantic
(46) Sezza > all I can think of now is you have the key to my butt
(46) Sezza > you know how you like, tell someone they have the key to your heart
(46) Sezza > oh ho ho, I have the keys to polly's butt :>
(80) holymoocow > He'd just pass it on to someone else
(80) holymoocow > GANT
(46) Sezza > I think it would be better in the hands of someone authoritive and responsible, perhaps such as a vice prin
(80) holymoocow > Von Karma: No, because you'll just mug them for it
(80) holymoocow > Matt: Can we guess who?
(80) holymoocow > Perhaps
(46) Sezza > one of those exists?
(80) holymoocow > Von Karma: And I've given the key to a random student that will most likely NOT sex you up so you'll
be fine until you graduate
(45) Atari > "Which only I have the keys to"
(46) Sezza > Apollo: *confused, terrified squeak*
(80) holymoocow > Von Karma: Which is why i've talked with your guradians about giving you a chastity belt >:(
(46) Sezza > Apollo: B-but schir, people juscht keep having schex with me D:>
(80) holymoocow > Von Karma: MR. JUSTICE I AM SURPRISED AT YOU D:<
(46) Sezza > GO VON KARMA GO
(46) Sezza > he has sex-detecting powers
(46) Sezza > he can probably just look at them and just know that they did
(80) holymoocow > because they're young and stupid
(46) Sezza > von karma probably just means that if they have sex then he will kill them
(46) Sezza > indeed
(80) holymoocow > But of course Juan, because you were the one who game them :B
(80) holymoocow > XDDD
(46) Sezza > that's funny matt, juan could have sworn you got those scars from HAVING SEX WITH MEN

(25) Sezza > step 1: firey potatoe death
(25) Sezza > okay, GLHS science fair: larry and klavier as partners

(18) Sezza > ... hell, they probably all would
(18) Sezza > not what I was thinking but that too
(83) holymoocow > MATT
(83) holymoocow > XD
(18) Sezza > three guesses who does and the first two don't count
(83) holymoocow > Just don't mess with his puppets/dolls
(18) Sezza > he forgets to plan lessons so he just lets them do wtf-ever
(18) Sezza > because mr. b is way more fun when he is spastic
(83) holymoocow > Though they soon discover the class is much harder than they expected...mainly because Ben forg
ets to take his pillz
(18) Sezza > that makes sense :D
(18) Sezza > ah, I see.
(83) holymoocow > Will, Jack, Juan and Matt = child actors that are taking Drama for easy credits
(18) Sezza > hnn. fo' reals?
(83) holymoocow > They do
(18) Sezza > I suppose the steel samurai (etc) doesn't exist as a tv show in GLSH-land?

(31) Sezza > being idiots. it's delightful.
(121) holymoocow > Yeah, like making ice dildos and water balloons
(31) Sezza > it's all coming back to me now.
(31) Sezza > how they have to sell condoms in the vending machine after apollo had a baby and von karma throws the
m at kids in class and they just use them for dumb stuff instead
(121) holymoocow > Yeah~
(31) Sezza > no it was about how atari said that matt would shove an ice dildo down his throat
(121) holymoocow > Hmm.....was it related to candy?
(31) Sezza > god damn condoman posters
(31) Sezza > I remembered matt and juan fighting about something, but I couldn't remember what, but now I do.
(121) holymoocow > *YES
(121) holymoocow > YeS
(31) Sezza > OH RIGHT, CONDOMS
(31) Sezza > w00tles
(121) holymoocow > I pretty much have those memorized because of the lulz that occured. IF IT WAS FUNNY OR POIN
(31) Sezza > anything else?
(31) Sezza > we can also try and remember it and write it down somewhere. dead polly, godot clone, hammond-squas
hin vending machines, potential email/IM style roleplaying
(121) holymoocow > Indeed
(31) Sezza > keep it rollin
(31) Sezza > YES
(121) holymoocow > D:
(31) Sezza > pchat kicked me out.
(31) Sezza > I save pretty much everything, but I didn't get the chance to do that last night
(31) Sezza > yeah, it was awesome.
(121) holymoocow > We need to start saving them more often because dammit some of those quotes were GOLD
(121) holymoocow > :<
(31) Sezza > man, I am so disappointed I didn't get to save yesterday's talkin. pchat crapped out before I thought to do s

(223) Sezza > yesch..... ALL the bawlesch.... *rubs hands together*
(238) holymoocow > Juan: dood we will pay you IN BAWLS to spam this
(238) holymoocow > XDD
(176) Odeko > catroll'd!
(223) Sezza > bug sal to spam it on 4chan like a rickroll... only catroll.
(238) holymoocow > *everybody
(238) holymoocow > And they all send the video to everboy they know in hopes of getting extra credit
(223) Sezza > XDD
(238) holymoocow > Ben: No, Jumpin Jack Flash, it does not unless we can get it on the front page
(223) Sezza > jack is so gonna ask if that counts as extra credit work
(182) Imp > Aww.
(223) Sezza > XD
(238) holymoocow > And then the drama fags records videos of Shoe in the ShoeMASTAH3000 and post them on YouT
(223) Sezza > awwwh~
(238) holymoocow > Gumshoe: Hmm...hey! You like bikes and things that go fast right? Well, we can make a little go c
art for him, what dya say pal?
(182) Imp > Heh.
(238) holymoocow > Matt: Hey dude, you need to like, help me make something out of this shoe for Shoe.
(176) Odeko > lol aww
(223) Sezza > damn that's cute.
(223) Sezza > hell yes!
(238) holymoocow > You know Gumshoe was the one that helped Matt make it.
(238) holymoocow > hellz yeah
(223) Sezza > kittan drivan gaems
(238) holymoocow > Shoe cart
(223) Sezza > shoemobile
(238) holymoocow > So that's where Juan's shoe went XD
(223) Sezza > brum brum
(238) holymoocow > Oh yeah, Shoe's the stray cat underneath the portables XD
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